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Please remember I DO NOT heal people and  I DO NOT make any claims. This information is no substitute for proper medical care. When in doubt, rather consult your medical doctor to remove any doubts. As a Naturopath and Health Coach I advise people to follow a natural diet and nature does the healing.

Letter from Steve:
My son was born on 29 April 2005. After the delivery, the medical staff gave the clearance according to their examination that everything was fine. At home we realised after 5 days that his breathing was not normal as it should be. His breathing was fast and the stomach muscles were contracting in an uneven manner. We went to hospital and they discovered four holes in his heart, which required an immediate operation. So one of the holes was banded (made smaller) to restrict blood flow from the heart to the lungs. This was a temporary measure to allow normal breathing. Due to the other holes not being big, they did not attend to them at that stage. Bent to do everything in our power to do the best for our son, we contacted Rudi Jürgens, naturopath and health coach, to ask for advice. He gave us the necessary dietary recommendations as well as general information to be alert for and recommended fresh wheatgrass juice. The following year our son had another and final operation. At this point the test disclosed that 3 holes had closed naturally. We all knew what this meant: the wheatgrass juice and the natural food and lifestyle had had their effect.  All they needed to do was to deband the original operation and at the same time close the last hole which was in an awkward place between the heart chambers. This was successfully done and his recovery time was sped up by only natural foods. Doctors were amazed at the results and concluded that what would have been a permanent open file at the hospital was now closed as everything indicated a clean bill of health. If it was not for naturopath and health coach Rudi Jürgens, I would say a different outcome would have occured. Our son is now 11 years old and has not been to the doctor since. Vibrant and energetic, it is hard to believe that he once had a heart condition.

Letter from Earl:
I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the contribution made by you to improve and enhance my life. I do appreciate the time you have spent helping me review my career goals. It is valuable and has given me a new perspective. For instance, I had been striving for perfectionism and as a result devoted my precious time on unwanted things. You as my life coach identified my weakness and advised me that it is futile to spend time trying to do everything perfectly. I do realize that failure is a part of the learning process. Now I have decided to focus on the present and do everything to the best of my abilities and let them go. Another daily practice you have recommended is to review everything daily and reflect over them and take corrective action. What I had was procrastination; you then provided me with the keys and strategies for overcoming procrastination. Therefore I am deeply grateful with your form of coaching and will continue to practice the success principles and strategies I have acquired from you over the coaching period. Completion of my assignments have given me time to reflect on the importance and value of the success principles given in your coaching methods. In fact I read most of the material you have furnished me with and have made it a point to digest them properly and apply in my daily life. These documents send by you made me understand, grasp and digest the principles of successful living. I take this opportunity to express my thanks to you – my coach, very much.
Earl Mentor
Intercultural facilitator, Sport and recreation coordinator, Music Producer, Recording & performing artist and Youth Empowerment Facilitator.

With Local and International Coaching I helped clients with difficult health problems from not looking after their physical bodies because they did not have any discipline in their life. At the same time as an International Coach, I help clients in the other countries making their lives a success.

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